Pharma Express

Medi-app plans to use and strengthen the existing distribution chain, infusing technology. Today, no retail chemist has direct access to the pharma companies. Knowledge and awareness about full product range of drug companies, especially trade generic companies, is spread by their field staff/ stockists. The retailers also have no direct access to generics pricing offered by companies. They come to know of it through stockists which are often not accurate. Medi-app empowers chemists to get direct access to products of pharma companies with their prices and enables them to place orders direct to the stockists.

Medi-app advantages to stockists

  • Direct online link to chemists
  • Less dependency on field staff or salesmen for orders
  • Real time receipt of orders enabling better servicing
  • No disputes on rates or order quantity
  • Full purchase history by chemists

Medi-app advantages to pharma companies

  • Direct online link to chemist, stockist and super stockist
  • Reduces dependency on field staff to communicate with chemists
  • Offers real time tracking of sales at chemist level
  • Can tailor make marketing strategies in specific areas trough better and detailed analytics
  • Direct and instant communication with chemists through medi-app
  • New product launches made easier and more efficient
  • Better inventory management

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