About Medi-App Mobile App

Medi-App is India’s first mobile application for retail chemists, connecting pharma companies, distributors, stockists and retailers. The aim is to introduce digitisation in the order procurement process at the retail level, which is still in the archaic stage of salesmen booking orders from chemists directly. Medi-app will also be a direct medium of communication between the company and the retail trade.

Medi-App is purely a B2B platform, the pioneer and specialist in digital pharma marketing. Medi-app offers company-specific products to the retail chemists. The app is available free for chemists and stockists.

As of now, chemists who are cornerstone of pharma trade get new product launch information very late. The app has made new product launches easier and efficient. It helps companies to have better and more productive MIS generation and better inventory management.

Presently almost none of the chemists have direct access to the pharmaceutical companies. They come to know about product range of drug companies especially generic companies through their field staff/stockists. The retailers hardly have direct access to generics pricing, they come to know it through stockists which are at times not accurate. Our app empowers chemists to get direct access to product range of pharma companies as well as their prices and place orders to companies.

The app provides pharmaceutical companies a direct online link to chemist, stockist and super stockist. It reduces their dependency on field staff to reach out to chemists. The companies can real time track sales at chemist level through the app. The drug makers can access full history of purchase by chemists which helps them accelerate slow moving products in specific areas through tailor-made schemes. With the help of app, the companies can have instant direct communication with chemists.

Medi-App Features:-

  • Product range with composition, pack shots
  • Product MRP and PTR (Price to retailer)
  • Scheme/ bonus offer details
  • Order placing by retail chemists which are conveyed to the stockist in real time
  • Company notifications for new products, schemes/ gifts etc. can be sent direct to the chemists
  • Profile of chemists with all details of licenses, address, phone numbers and email ids
  • History of purchases made

Medi Reward Points Program

An exciting scheme on medi-app where retail chemist can get Medi-Reward points for every purchase made through medi-app. These point can be redeemed for Amazon Gift card. Retail Chemist can also win a Goa Trip under this programme.

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